seeking you | day ten


This last day was no different as far as space. Emily and I both needed it and this trip is about seeking God, so if space is what we need, space is what we'll give each other.  


I headed to Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs today! My sister used to live in Comorado Springs and when my mom visited her, she said that I had to see them both some day! Today was that day! 


Garden of the Gods was so breath-takingly beautiful. The sun was warm, the lighting was gorgeous, the birds were singing, the people were kind, and the colors were perfect. It was hiking through this place (in moccasins because I'm a smart girl) that I called my dad and grandad to tell them about my adventure and to wish them a happy Father's Day. It was also here, under the shade of a tree, that I caught up with my mom and my mentor from my church back home.


The mountains were awe-inspiring and humbling, but there was something special about this red rock with the snow-topped Rockies behind it that spoke to my soul. 


As soon as the sun started to reach it's highest point and hiding from it was no longer possible, I headed to Manitou Springs. I honestly had no idea what it was, but I was so in love with what I found. The quaint and quirky little Colorado shops were perfect. I bought too many things (what else is new), but I don't regret any of them because they're all for my new little apartment in Portland. Who doesn't want authentic Navajo arrows on their wall? Exactly. 

When I got back to Denver, Emily and I re-packed the car and had a good refreshing talk about life and Portland. I'm so thankful for how healing Colorado has been. This state will always be a refuge for my spirit and a comfort to my heart.  

Be patient with yourself and with others  

Stop buying chocolate  

Reflecting on God's movement in your life is a fruitful way to spend time

Humility is what keeps us honest

Love is what keeps us pure  

Rest is what keeps us hopeful  

You really just can't own too many moccasins 

Moccasins are not hiking boot alternatives  

Keep praying and keep listening and keep waiting  

Don't lose focus  


ever free, ever true, ever kind.