seeking you | day seventeen

I couldn't wait to go to Yosemite and see all the beauty in person that I've been seeing in photos forever.

The day was really overcast and as we started our hike up the Four Mile Trail it started to rain and for fear of getting caught somewhere we weren't familiar with at all in a storm, we headed back down after a mile or two. 

As soon as we got over to Glacier Point, the sky started to clear up and the view was insane. Half Dome is so full of majesty. Seeing how small the falls were in comparison to the peaks around them just made it all the more incredible.


This night we ended up sleeping in my car because the person who was supposed to keep us in San Francisco bailed at the last minute, which at the time was rough, but also was really all part of an adventurous experience. We had super expensive pizza and coffee at a random place we found in San Francisco and I drove around while Emily slept until I found somewhere safe to park and then I kept watch throughout the night. 

This was definitely one of the toughest nights of the whole trip, but looking back, it was worth it.

s small as I think I am compared to everything around me, I'm actually smaller

Sometimes more than one thing will go against your plan

Staying up all night in a car in San Francisco is mandatory

When people tell you San Francisco is covered with hills, you won't understand until you're traveling on them

God has a plan and it's better than yours

When you have time where the whole world is silent, spend it with God

Time spent in nature is time spent growing

Life is a bunch of choices

ever free, ever true, ever kind.