seeking you | day seven

Morning came and we said goodbye to Nashville, to my sister, and to the south. The day was full with an eight hour drive, so we broke it up by stopping in St. Louis, Missouri. Who knew we would fall in love with that place? The rain came just when we started to miss it, the industrial era brick spread every inch of the city, and the people were incredibly kind. St. Louis was definitely the most underrated stop we've made so far - and we were only there for a few hours. 

The first thing we wanted to do after we got to St. Louis was eat, so we went to a place called The Mud House. It seems unassuming enough, but the french toast and delicious salad we had definitely exceeded what we had hoped for St. Louis. Their "Rosie Palmer" drink was incredibly creative and refreshing, plus a chance to get inside from the rain was definitely appreciated. 

After a small stop in a shopping mall (I have a problem, folks), we made our way to Sump for some coffee to keep us up for the rest of our drive to Kansas City. Emily's cortado was warm and gave her the energy for her portion of the unexpected eight-hour drive we would trek by the time the sun came up in Colorado. My cold brew helped with my slightly-over-half of the drive. 

It's really a long story and I'm not even sure where to begin. We got in to Kansas City (definitely not as charming as St. Louis, sorry KC) around 6pm and our host wasn't at home, so we decided we would just head to Abigail's house in Denver and try to get our money back. The drive was incredibly long, incredibly dark, and incredibly deserted. 

We made it, though! We reached Abigail's at five in the morning and went straight to bed. So, here comes the crazy amount of lessons we've been learning:

Just do it

Energy drinks don't work

Only God has control, but it's perfect control

Sleepy friends make sleepy friends sleepy

It's okay to take time

603 miles feels like 6,003 at two in the morning

Open homes heal hurting hearts

"Practicing the presence of God" keeps your heart open to learning new lessons

ever free, ever true, ever kind.