seeking you | day nine

I really needed to get away and get alone with God where no one could distract me today, so I went to the mountains while Emily spent time with Abigail and Jody. It's incredible how God finds us moments when we're pursuing Him, even if we're not sure we want the moment yet.  

My goal was to get to Bear Lake, but as you'll see from these pictures, I didn't end up there. I ended up at a lake called Turquoise Lake, but I didn't have a plan for the day at all. I just wanted to be alone in the mountains  with my Beloved. I wanted to walk close to Him and listen. I wanted to receive that peace and joy and rest He so freely gives. 


So, I drove until I had no service and then I drove some more. Today was the first time I had to use my road atlas to find my way back out. I spent some time walking around the lake and then sitting and soaking it all in. I laid in the sun with the rocks beneath my weight and I reminded myself of God's promises and His purposes. I prayed a lot about this trip, this move, this friendship, and what my broken plans were compared to what God's perfect plans are.  

And I listened.  


I decided it was time to go back to civilization, so I headed towards Denver and made a stop at this cute historic mountain town along the way named Georgetown. I didn't spend much time there, but I did buy a few gifts (my favorite thing to do). 

I wanted to make the most of this alone time, so when I got to Denver I stopped at their bookstore, Tattered Cover, and bought a nature photography book called The Great Wide Open and an art therapy coloring book to help focus my mind while I headed back to my favorite little spot at the park. It was so nice to just sit and create and pray. 


I walked to Whole Foods for dinner and then home to talk to Emily about the things I'm learning and where we go from here.  

No matter how many times you buy chocolate, it's still going to melt in the car  

Yes, even in Colorado

He has purpose in all things 

Take as much rest as you need  

Mazda3's are not mountain cars (especially when your whole life is inside of them) 

There could never be a mountain I don't love  


Don't move before you hear His desire for you  

Colorado is the most beautiful

Keep listening  

Doritos and fancy spa water is not a proper diet

Life is holistic including your spirit, body, and mind  


ever free, ever true, ever kind.