seeking you | day eleven


Emily and I drove nine and a half hours from Colorado through Wyoming and to a little mountain home in Montana today before we head to Yellowstone tomorrow.

It felt like maybe three hours the way the wonder of God's creation distracted us from the social construct of time.  


What a silly thing time is. On this road trip, Emily and I have forgotten the time and date almost every six hours. We live by the sun, and sometimes we continue even when the moon begins her reign. It's actually so refreshing to live wild and free before the adventure of adulthood fully embraces us with all of its treasures of family and home.

Today, has been one of unexpected wander. Maybe it's because I'm from Florida, but I never knew that Wyoming and Montana were so absolutely breath-taking. The drive was beautiful and majestic. I've never traveled much, so this trip has been one overwhelming feeling of awe after another. 


I wish I had pictures that did Wyoming and Montana justice but most of them were taken from a car window and at too great of a distance. So, pictures are limited today. 


Even the home we're in today is completely unexpectedly quaint and endearing. We found some of our favorite books on the shelves and mason jars in the cabinets. The little touches of Rebekah's fun personality are everywhere in the most unassuming places like the light switch covers and the cabinet pulls. 

Here's what I've been learning through the drive:

Time only controls you if you let it

You can't go wrong if you stop for ice cream

Expect the unexpected

Living in harmony is what we're called to

Don't be surprised at the amount of bug guts that can collect on your car during a long day drive

ever free, ever true, ever kind.