seeking you | day eight

I haven't written since I've been in Denver and even though part of me feels like I let some of you down, there's another part that knows how healing this time in Colorado has been.  

There's something about the mountain air that restores and revives. It brings clarity, humility, and peace. Any roots of bitterness or distrust that have been found in this trip, were weeded and seeds of hope have been planted in their place by Gentle Hands.  


This first day in Colorado was absolutely marked by rest. Abigail's home was the most divine spot to be when you need solitude because everything is white or green (two of my favorite colors and colors that represent purity and growth). We spent the morning here together eating breakfast gathered at her sweet little table.  

After breakfast, we left to a coffee shop next where she worked on a post, I posted and read some devotionals, while Emily read the word. Once I had written out how heavy I was feeling, I called my mom who is honestly so incredibly encouraging, and she loved on me which was so nice because I miss her.  

The rest of the day, Emily and I took some much needed space and explored Denver on our own. I ended up running into the Denver Botanic Gardens without knowing it which was such a blessing because God's artwork gives me peace. 

Denver's first day taught me: 

Sometimes there's nothing to say

Solitude is essential

You really can't have enough water  

Seek God over all things  

"Pray and listen, don't pray and talk."  

Hope is what keeps us going  

Just wait  


ever free, ever true, ever kind.