Look out world!

This bright and shining star is graduating tonight and I couldn't be more proud. She is creative, brilliant, raw, and has the potential of becoming the greatest film-maker (or truthfully anything she wanted to be) of the 21st century. 

May today be a day for you to take in where you've come from, where you've been, and where you are. May you not stop there, but know that all of those memories and moments have been woven together to place you on the path to where you're going. A path that I know is full of art, adventure, and love that endures all things; the not-often-picked path. Our Creator dreamed of this path when He was sculpting you together and I can't wait to hear all about it when you visit in Portland. 

Here's to a girl who inspires me to be stronger, to be freer, and to be truer

Here's to a girl who won't chase the American Dream, but the dream of her heart.

Here's to a girl who has more than a good head on her shoulders. 

Here's to a girl who loves odd drinks, good vinyl, and thick books. 

You are the only person who I truly believe has the entire world at her feet, a girl bursting with so much creative and honest energy that it's contagious. Don't let anyone keep you from growth in this season, little lamb. I pray that God would hold you near to His heart, guiding you with all gentleness and making your love grow deeper than you could ever know. 

You make the world around you brighter. 

So, here's to you, little sister. 

Stay gold. 

ever free, ever true, ever kind.